Daley Debutantes Baton & Drum Corps
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The Daley Debutantes Baton & Drum Corps offers many opportunities for members and families to earn money to help the Corps and/or offset personal Corps expenses.  We encourage everyone to participate as much as possible.  These activities are fun! They provide occasions to meet other members and their families, as well as earn money to support the Corps!  Check back often because some of the fundraisers are seasonal! 

Current fundraisers are:      Flower Sale
                                                   Poinsettia Sale
                                                   Bradley Center Volunteer
Master Fundraising Products  (Contact Sherry or Marcy)

Thank you for supporting the Daley Debutantes Baton & Drum Corps!



This flower sale is an all-corps fundraiser to help offset the costs of uniforms, instruments, flags, practice gyms, etc.  This is not a fundraiser for individual accounts!  Because of fundraisers such as this one, our dues are incredibly low compared to all other corps.  However, we need everyone's participation to make this event a success!

The flowering plants that we have sold in past years have been beautiful, healthy full plants.  We are using the same greenhouse to supply the plants as in past years so you can feel assured that you are selling your family and friends a good quality plant.  For more information, please email Diane G.

New information about the plants, will be available this spring.

Bradley Center

The money earned from volunteering is used to offset Corps expenses, such as gym rental, costumes, flags, instruments, mailings, etc.  This helps to keep our annual dues at a reasonable rate!

If you would like to work any of the dates, please contact:

Dennis Kaminski at (414) 232-9997 or (262) 679-0962;   

Lynnette Vollmer at 

Important Information for those who are going to work:

1. We must wear black slacks or jeans. Wear a t-shirt because you will be given a shirt to put on over it.
2. Shoes must be closed toe. They should be comfortable because you will stand a long time. Keep in mind that the floors can get wet and slippery; a non-skid type of sole is preferable.
3. We will provide hats.
4. We do not require everyone to be there at check-in time! However, we do prefer that as many people as possible stay to the end for clean up.
5. We are required to complete the Alcohol Awareness Training (RCS) as soon as possible. If you need directions on how to complete this training, please email me at cbohte@wi.rr.com. Let me know if you have questions!